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Guys don't have friends. They have people they want to fuck a lot, and people they want to fuck a little.

That's it.
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My life has been kinda normal and consistant lately... which is odd for me. Got finished up my big projects, and now I'm just preping for my two exams, neither of which I am overly worried about. I've done all the reading and gone to all the lectures, so I am pretty well prepared just from that.
I've had some good times hanging out with friends lately... I have been in a few ackward situations with a couple guy friends- people I used to date, but now I am friends with. I think guys find it difficult to grasp the idea of just being friends. I guess I am just not in the mood for a fling of any sort, so I have really put my foot down and made it clear that we're just friends. The next relationship I get involved in I want to be more meaningful than my past ones. Otherwise I just want friendships. I don't have time for other drama.
I've finally decided what classes to take this summer- intro to sociology and intro to canadian politics for the first six weeks, then intro to macroeconomics for the second half. Get some of the low lever pre-reqs so I can get into meatier courses next year.
I'm also pondering the idea of getting a second summer job... I've asked my manager for more hours, but I am not sure if she will be able to accomodate me or not. I've been offered a couple shifts a week down at Quality working in the kitchen... could be fun, and at least it's close by and not a major committment, and doesn't require time job hunting, and could make up for the lack of hours at RW.
Otherwise my life is pretty normal and standard right now... hence the lack of updates...

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007  
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